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Midnight Owl Review: Wet & Wild III

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 6:06 pm    Post subject: Midnight Owl Review: Wet & Wild III Reply with quote

Playboy’s Wet & Wild III

Pamela Anderson
Rebekka Armstrong
Eloise Broady
Deborah Driggs
Ava Fabian
Rebecca Ferratti
Karen Foster
Corinna Harney
Wendy Kaye
Kerri Kendall
Diana Lee
Jacqueline Sheen
Renee Tenison
Petra Verkaik


Various shots of Playmates in a warehouse-type building. Corinna Harney is sipping a drink while sitting in front of a fan. She runs the cold glass over her face. Brittany York and Rebecca Ferratti are also here. Corinna’s breasts are exposed and Brittany and Rebecca are shown taking a shower. There are close-ups of Rebecca’s buns and pubic area. There are also nice shots of Brittany’s breasts. The girls are also shown in tight, short dresses.

All Fired Up

A group of Playmates are riding on a fire truck in skimpy outfits modeled after the type firefighters wear. We have Deborah Driggs, Rebekka Armstrong, Rebecca Ferratti, Eloise Broady and Petra Verkaik. They arrive at the scene and start fighting the fire. Once they get the fire out they celebrate by taking off their clothes. They start flashing the camera. There are nice shots of Deborah topless. Rebekka is also topless. Deborah drops her bottoms. Petra exposes her breasts. Eloise and Rebecca are also topless. The girls dance around pulling at what little clothes they have on. They get back on the fire truck and head off down the road. As they stand on top of the truck Petra’s rear is out they for all to admire.

Wet & Wonderful

Pamela Anderson is in a large room full of water pipes, which have started to leak. Pamela’s clothes get wet and transparent as a result. She stands under the water then takes off her top. She dances around under the water. Nice shots of Pamela’s breasts. Pamela is soon completely nude as she stands under the water and the camera captures the moment. There is a nice full-frontal shot of Pamela as she lies on the floor.

Day Dreams

When it comes to admiring Playmate bodies this is the best segment on the video, and it displays a big leap over the way Playboy shot these videos in the past. This is a surreal segment located by a large swimming pool. The Playmates given full exposure here are Ava Fabian, Eloise Broady and Rebecca Ferratti (there’s also a guy who shows his mug occasionally). The girls pass in and out of the view of the camera while a mellow tune, circa 1930s, plays on the soundtrack. The real good scenes start when the Playmates climb into a Jacuzzi beside the pool. Ava is the first nude Playmate in the Jacuzzi. There are nice shots of her breasts. Eloise is next to show up nude. There is a great full-frontal shot of Eloise as the camera gets nice and close. The camera then pans up the nude body of Rebecca. She has one outstanding body. There is a close-up shot of her breasts. Next she lies at the side of the Jacuzzi lying on her stomach. This gives us a great look at her buns and her legs. More shots of Eloise splashing in the water follow this. The camera goes in for a close-up of her breasts. Ava is also shown splashing around in the water. This is followed by a shot of all three girls sitting at the side of the Jacuzzi completely nude.

Designer Water

The girls in this segment are Rebekka Armstrong, Jacqueline Sheen and Eloise Broady. They are working in a bottled water factory filling large jars with water. Rebekka places the bottles on the conveyer belt while Jacqueline and Eloise fill the bottles but they’re not having a lot of success. Rebekka rips off her top, as does Jacqueline. Suddenly all the girls are topless. There are nice shots of all of them as the work clothes only cover them from the waist down. They spray each other with water and dance around. The girls get on the conveyer belt and shake their buns. All the girls are now completely nude. Rebekka gets a spanking from Eloise. There are nice shots of their rear-ends and water continues to spray around. There are nice shots of full-frontal nudity. The scene gets a little smoky here. The girls pass by the camera on the conveyer belt completely nude. All three get this sort of exposure. More shots of the girls frolicking in the nude as water continues to rain down rounds out this segment.

Beat the Heat

Wendy Kaye in a city apartment. There is a still shot of the brick apartment building, as Wendy looks out a window topless. She then rides by on a bike. Next she is in a doorway completely nude then walks toward the camera. She poses for the camera and there is plenty of full-frontal nudity. We also get a nice shot of her buns as she runs her hands over her body in the heat. A slight breeze is blowing. These are full-body shots, no close-ups. She sits on a suitcase totally nude and continues to fondle herself. More shots of her looking out the window topless then a great shot of her vagina as she puts her foot up on the suitcase.

Hidden Treasures

An Indiana Jones-type archeologist moves through an ancient temple. He takes out a pick and starts trying to break through a flimsy wall. He holds off just before he hits the wall as if the props guy used cardboard for the wall. Its fairly comical. The wall caves in and this induces an earthquake. There are Egyptian type relics around. The guy ends up in water. He wades across the water then light starts shining through holes in the wall. Then, finally, we get the Playmates. They are Renee Tenison, Rebecca Ferratti and Karen Foster. The girls are topless. The camera pans along the girls as just their breasts are exposed. Renee gets completely nude, as do Karen and Rebecca. The three girls, completely nude, wash themselves in the water as the guy continues to watch. There is a nice shot of Karen’s body. The camera focuses on Rebecca and Renee in turn. The girls pour water over themselves. They splash in the water and their bodies are nicely displayed. They turn and walk away from the camera. They motion to the guy to join them, which he does (wouldn’t you?). The girls, still completely nude, sit him down. Rebecca starts to fan him and Karen starts to feed him grapes. They all disappear.

Fun in the Sun

Ava Fabian appears first in a red, one-piece bathing suit twirling an umbrella. Also appearing are Rebecca Ferratti and Eloise Broady. The suits are transparent. Next up Eloise and Rebecca are swimming in a pool. Eloise in nude while Rebecca has on some sort of white fabric. Ava, still wearing the red swimsuit, floats by. Next there is a shot of Rebecca topless. Eloise floats by in the black see-through suit floats but. There are shots of the girls playing in the water inter-cut with shots of the girls twirling the umbrellas wearing the suits. Ava in the red suit, Eloise in the black suit and Rebecca in the white suit. All the suits are transparent. The girls skinny-dip. There are nice shots of all their breasts. There wasn’t a whole hell of a lot of nudity here.

Sun Showers

Corinna Harney is completely nude on a solid-rock hill. There are some shots of her wearing only a jacket. She poses along the rocks. There is a nice close-up of her pubic region as the camera pans up passed her breasts to her face. She walks around naked on the rocks. There are more great shots of her body. Water flows down her body and there is a nice shot of her buns.

Wet & Wild A Go Go

A janitor is cleaning up when he finds a poster advertising a party in 1966. As he reads it a group of girls dressed in 1960s-style clothing come running into the room followed by a group of guys. They start to party and dance around. Kerri Kendall has climbed up on the bar and is dancing around completely in the nude. Wendy Kaye has grabbed a guy and they are dancing. She is dressed in a skimpy outfit. There are more shots of Kerri still nude and we can see people in the background. A topless Corinna Harney is carried through the room on a surfboard. There are shots of girls dancing in cages. Some strange video effects are included at this point. Corinna dances naked but it looks like they cleared out the room for this shot. There are shots of a number of girls in skimpy outfits. Ava Fabian makes an appearance lying naked on the bar. There are nice shots of full-frontal nudity. Wendy finally gets completely nude. Shots of the nude Playmates are inter-cut with shots of the partygoers dancing. There are more shots of Corinna as the camera pans down her body from her face passed her breasts to her vagina. Kerri dances topless around a chair around four guys. There is a nice shot of her shaking her buns. There are shots of the girls naked in the cages as a shower of water cascades down. At one point there are five naked girls in the cage. The five naked Playmates are Corinna Harney, Deborah Driggs (who doesn’t make much of an appearance in this segment), Kerri Kendall, Ava Fabian and Wendy Kaye. The janitor joins them. The janitor was just having a dream. He wakes up and goes back to his sweeping. Then Wendy Kaye, right from his dream, appears before him. She leads him off into the mist. Overall a very good segment, though I would not have missed all the special effects included.

Lemon Coolher

It is a very hot day. The fan is blowing on Brittany York as she sits on a couch in skimpy underwear. The camera pans up her body. Lemons are squeezed apparently to make lemonade. She takes off her top, exposing her breasts. Brittany drinks the lemonade. There follows a nice shot of Brittany’s nude body as the camera pans up passed her buns. She turns over giving us a nice look at her breasts

Splash Dance

Rebecca Ferratti is completely nude on a stage sitting on a chair. Water splashes down on her from above. There are nice shots of Rebecca’s body as she is inundated with water. We have quick shots of Brittany York and Rebecca standing under the heavy shower. Next we get a shot of a completely nude Brittany on the chair. The third girl in this segment must be Diana Lee though her face is never clearly shown. More nude shots of the girls round out the segment.

Fill’er Up

A semi pulls into an isolated gas station along a two-lane highway. This is a location Playboy has used in other videos. Four gorgeous Playmates jump out of the truck in short, tight dresses. They are Kerri Kendall, Rebekka Armstrong, Corinna Harney and Eloise Broady. Eloise is wearing a red dress, Rebekka is wearing a white dress, Kerri is wearing a black dress and Corinna is wearing a blue dress. They start dancing as the male attendant shakes his head not believing his luck. The girls go over and turn on a hose from the truck and start spraying each other. The girls continue to dance around and breasts start to pop out of the tight dresses. Some of the girls pull up their dresses and expose their buns. Corinna gets topless, as does Eloise. Kerri does them one better and gets completely nude. Rebekka also gets completely naked. There are more shots of water splashing and close-ups of breasts. The dresses seem to stay on a lot longer then would normally be expected. Rebekka is the only one who appears completely nude throughout. The girls come out in new dresses and jump back into their rig. The guy chases them down and they stop to let him in.

Party Time

In black and white we see a car travels through a dusty desert toward a jukebox. Wendy Kaye emerges from the car and puts a coin in the jukebox. Now we’re in color and Wendy is joined by Rebecca Ferratti, Jacqueline Sheen, Corinna Harney and Kerri Kendall, all dancing around in bikinis. There are nice shots of Kerri’s breasts as she has taken her top off. The other girls start to get topless at this point. There are also a bunch of guys dancing around in the background. Wendy dances around topless. There are nice shots of buns in thongs. There is full-frontal nudity on the part of Wendy as she lies on a bar. The camera pans up from her feet to her face. There are quick shots of the girls dancing around in the bikinis. Mostly the girls frolic around topless showing their buns in thongs. The girls spray water on each over. Somewhere in here there looks like a shot of Eloise Broady getting water poured over her breasts by another blonde but she doesn’t appear to be one of the main Playmates in this segment. A brief shot of Rebekka Armstrong also sneaks its way into this segment but she isn’t one of the main five Playmates getting all the exposure. It almost looks like Rebekka’s and Eloise’s shots were taken some other time and edited in to this segment.

Waltzing Waters

Rebecca Ferratti is sitting in multi-colored water completely nude. Also nude in the water we have Karen Foster and Renee Tenison. They are both nude as well. There are nice full-frontal shots of Rebecca. There’s a nice shot of Karen’s buns. The girls pose for the camera, mostly Karen and Rebecca. Renee’s buns are on display as well. Pretty good shots of nude female bodies as the girls roll over in the water.

All Fired Up Again

The girls in their skimpy firefighter outfits have returned. They ride on the fire truck down a city street. Deborah Driggs has exposed her breasts while Rebekka Armstrong has only a pair of suspenders covering her breasts. Rebecca Ferratti just gives us a quick peek at her breast. Petra Verkaik’s breasts are often out in the open. They arrivwe at the fire station. There are nice shots of Rebecca buns in thong bottoms. She flings her hair around and water comes flying off. The girls get ready to wash the fire truck. There are nice shots of buns in thongs. They start to wash each other. Now they start to get topless. Deborah and Eloise are topless. It looks like Rebekka and Eloise get completely nude. Petra also shows up completely nude while Deborah and Rebecca keep their bottoms on. Nice shots of the bare buns of the three nude girls are included. Outside the fire station the girls pose together. There is full-frontal on the part of Deborah while Eloise and Rebekka are also nude but turned sideways toward the camera. Petra and Rebecca keep their bottoms on.


Executive Producer
Hugh M. Hefner

Produced By
Michael Trikilis

Directed By
Adam Friedman
Skott Snider

Co-Produced By
Marsha Hunt

Director of Photography
Doug O’Neons
Steve Conte
Roger Tonry

Editorial Supervisor
Jerry Kurtz

Associate Producer
Manuel Bracamonte

Creative Consultant
Steve Greenberg

Rest of Cast
Daniel Stoner
Shanna Warr
Dani Lee
Joseph Kannan
Lucille Di Campli
Donna Baltromitis
Scott Williams
Arron Cash
Bill Freeman
Mike Dougherty
Renee Rugg
Christine Sutton
Michael Simonsen
Laura Carico
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Joined: 23 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2008 1:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have always thought this was the best of the 'Wet & Wild' series, as there was no really weak section. I read a review of this video where it was called "The Rebecca Ferratti video" as she is in many of the selections, but she sure looks good, so why not? Eloise Broady is awesome here, and Pam Anderson is just so pretty...too bad she had to get a boob job to gain fame & fortune, as she looked so fine here.
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Nackt Damen

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PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like this one a lot, too. I think it's the best of the early Wet & Wild videos. But I think some of the segments should have been a lot longer, particularly "All Fired Up" and "Fill'er Up".
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PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 9:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I remember watching the Wet and Wonderful segment with Pam Anderson for the first time. I remember thinking "wow, she's gorgeous."
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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 3:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I still love her original Playmate pixctorial. Those shots of her in (but mostly out of) the faded jeans and the flimsy camisole top on the porch swing are classic.
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